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I walked up the long dark stairway which led to a small waiting area and was promptly greeted by an elderly woman with a wide and toothy smile that made it difficult to meet her gaze. She instructed me to sit in a short, uncomfortable chair and with a quick turn she left the room through a beaded curtain. A moment later she returned through the same beaded curtain with five ladies wearing long kimonos in tow. Each lady introduced herself but I had already chosen which one I wanted as they were walked into the room. The fourth lady in line, Michelle, was stunning. She had long red hair with a soft looping curl. She was wearing a long green kimono robe that hid much of her figure, but I knew that she had a small waist and it was clear that she had full teardrop breasts.

With a start I realized that the old woman was asking me a question. “What?” I asked.

She chuckled knowingly, “Which lady?”

I pointed to Michelle and the woman smiled again.

“No funny business,” she said sternly with her eyebrow cocked, “Massage only!”

I heard her words, but I was lost in the big green eyes that stared back at me from a slightly heart-shaped face. The only response I could give was an absent minded nod.

Michelle then took my hand and led me through the beaded curtain, down a darkened hall, and past a few closed doors that presumably already had clients. We finally turned into one of the rooms which was even darker than the hall. The room was small and tight with a single amber light that gave off the illusion of candle light. In the center of the room was a massage table. She took my money and instructed me to “get comfortable” assuring me she’d only be a moment. I quickly removed my shirt and pants and lay down on the table. After a brief moment’s thought, I leapt up and slid my boxers off and tossed them to the pile of clothes that lay on the chair. I then lay back on the table and covered my bare ass with the provided towel just as I heard the door open and, after a moment, close.

With my face looking through the hole in the massage table I could hear Michelle milling about but couldn't see her. Suddenly, her feet appeared in my window. She lightly rested her hands on my shoulders and smoothly moved them down my back until her fingers moved between the towel and my nakedness beneath. Then with a single finger, she went lightly between my butt cheeks and followed my spine up until she reached the nape of my neck. I jumped with a start as she whispered softly in my ear, “I like a man who isn’t afraid of nudity.”

“Not much frightens me,” I responded to her feet.

She responded by letting her robe fall into a puddle around her ankles. I started to lift my head to get a look but she firmly pressed it back down again saying, “We’ll see, naughty boy.”

The next 40 minutes went by in a blur of relaxation and pleasure. She melted the knots and tension from me with great skill and attention. Occasionally she would lean over me allowing her breasts to drag lightly across my back. More than once I tried to sneak a peek at her nakedness but each time she would deftly push my head back down before I could get even as much as a glance of her.

I was looking forward to the turn so that I might get a good look at her and truly appreciate her figure but instead she started rubbing her well-oiled hands up the inside of my thighs. As she worked my legs her fingers incidentally touched my cock and balls. With each feathering touch, I could feel myself getting harder and harder; and against the mattress, with my cock pointed awkwardly toward my toes, I ached.

She climbed onto the table and pressed her naked body against my back. I could feel her breasts on me as she placed a hand on my balls and again I could feel a rush of blood down below. I let out a long and lustful sigh as she pressed herself into me. Again she was whispering softly to me, her full lips against my earlobe.

“You feel pretty tense down here,” she lightly squeezed whilst grinding her pelvis into my arse, “Care to let me relieve some of that pressure?”

I looked up and into the full wall mirror that was in front of me. I could see her beautiful body lying across me. Her vibrant red hair was spilling about my neck. She met my gaze in the mirror and once again I was lost in those emerald green eyes. All I could manage as a response was a throated, “Yes” and she firmly pushed my head back down and slid off my body.

I heard her return to the oil and add some to her hands. Then I felt her climb on me once again only to kneel between my calves. Her hands were on the cheeks of my ass and she began massaging my glutes. She ran each of her thumbs in through my crack and passed quickly over my hole down my taint and to my balls. With expert movements she rolled each of them around her fingers of one hand while the other grabbed my full shaft tightly and gave me a tug.

As she slowly stroked my cock she moved her other hand to cup my balls fully and allowed her thumb to firmly press against my taint. I was a mix of feelings. The feel of her working her hands up and down my shaft while externally massaging my prostate was amazing, but the strain of having my junk still pointing toward my feet was becoming too much.

In order to relieve the stress on my member I lifted myself off the table putting my ass up in the air. Michelle must have predicted this was what I would do for as I moved to a crawling position she slid her thumb up from my taint and thrust it fully into my asshole. I gasped, looked forward, and for the first time I got a full view of her gorgeous naked body.

Above my own ass in the mirror I could see her tiny waist and, above that, a pair of beautiful D-cup teardrop shaped breasts. Her skin was pale, silky smooth, and the colour of fresh cream. She met my gaze and smiled wickedly as she started milking my cock with fervor. I let out a deep moan and as I did she withdrew her thumb from my dark hole and (with another sparkling smile) she probed her first and second fingers into my ass.

My eyes flew open wide but before I could say anything she began to massage my prostate with her two fingers, flexing them in a “come hither” movement, all the while giving my throbbing member full strokes with her other hand. My eyes rolled back in my head. I had never felt anything like this; it was electrical.

I was fully panting now, and with a fire in her eyes she said breathily, “So much tension down here. Come on. Let it out.”

With a final long look in her eyes, my body relented and I came with five thick white ropes of jizz on the matt beneath me. The first three nearly making it to the hole my face was previously pressed into. She let go of my cock and put her hand gently on my lower back as I shuddered intensely from the post orgasmic bliss. She slowly pulled her fingers from my anus and I could feel it twitch from the lack of stimulation. She gave my tailbone a gentle kiss.

Hopping lightly down off the table she grabbed some wipes and cleaned first the table and then me off. “So much tension,” she winked at me.

“That was,” I paused looking for a more descriptive word but finally settled with, “amazing.” Furtively I glanced at her, “I’d love to do that again and maybe more.”

She smiled, openly and honestly, “Maybe later?”

“What time will you be home?” I asked.

She looked at the clock and said, “I should be early. I only have two more appointments after you.”

With that, I kissed my girlfriend fully on the lips, dressed and then slipped out of the room. I walked down the hall and parted the bead curtain and exited down the stairs back into the waning light of the afternoon.

~By the Bi podcast


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