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Review of We Three: One and One and One Make Three by Lara Zielinsky

Gripping review of award winning novelist Lara Zielinsky's 2019 novel We Three: One and One and One Make Three.

Winning the 2007 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award for her first novel Turning Point, Lara Zielinsky is not unfamiliar to the world of erotica. February 1, 2019 saw the release of her latest novel, We Three: One and One and One Make Three and this latest release will definitely leave you lusting for more.

The novel chronicles the sweet, sexy, and occasionally bumpy relationship between a couple of veteran swingers, Eric and Elena, and the “fresh to the lifestyle” bartender at their local swingers club, Jess. Jess, being new to the swinging world, has much to learn about balancing her emerging feelings about her relationship with Eric and Elena.

For those of us familiar with the world of swinging and polyamory, the characters feel all too real as they experience many of the thoughts and feelings that we have felt in life whilst dipping our toes in. The chapters are filled with well crafted scenes of flirting, communicating, and sculpting a new relationship. The characters deal with their own self-doubt, demons, and desires, in realistic ways that are at once believable and relatable, a difficult thing to do in this kind of novel.

The story is chock full of steamy scenes, described in such intimately beautiful detail, that at multiple times I found myself looking around to see if anyone might notice the flush in my neck and cheeks. One highlight of particular note was the inclusion of discussions regarding lifestyle necessities such as STI’s, protection, and birth control. This is all too rare in the genre and was such a pleasure to see included. Throughout the story, the characters' use of protection, and the mention of condoms, dental dams, and gloves does not distract from the sensuality. Zielinsky has deftly handled safer sex while not detracting from the erotic nature of the storytelling. Definitely applause worthy!!!

If I had to pinpoint any flaw in the story, it would be the desire to see a bit more of the drama that is sometimes seen in the lifestyle. Zielinsky only teases (pun intended) us a bit with this. One scene that comes to mind is in a large play session of multiple people. There is a fellow that Jess doesn’t wish to play with and he clearly feels entitled to have sex with her. I would like to see this addressed a bit more as it seemed a great opportunity to “lead by example” and call out bad behaviour.

All in all, We Three: One and One and One Makes Three is everything it is supposed to be with a few very nice surprises thrown in. The colourful and creative descriptions of the sex play never feel overplayed or passé. The inclusion of safer sex practices is handled deftly and never does the inclusion detract from the natural heat of the sex scenes.

Four out of five on the scale of moistness.

~By the Bi podcast


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