Our Favourite Things

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Want to go where we want to go?  Our Secret Spot is our favorite Swingers Club in Sydney.  Check out their website for a schedule of all of their special theme nights like newbie nights, masquerade party, sexy in his shirt, glow party and much more!  They too are on the Twitterverse @oursecretspot


Want to shop where we want to shop?  Check out Adam & Eve and treat yourself to something delightfully dirty.  Enter the promo code "bythebi" for 50% off one item and many other gifts!


Interested in purchasing really interesting geeky sex toys? Do you want to combine your interest in all things geeky/nerdy and your interest in sex? (We do....)

For sex toys of all kinds from all genres, visit Geeky Sex Toys and enter promo code "bythebi", or simply visit Geeky Sex Toys/By the Bi


Want to feel sexy like we want to feel sexy?  Silver Shadow studio is behind all of our sexiest shots.  Go spend a day with the extremely professional team in Sydney and come home with some art that will prove that you are the sexy beast that you are!  Find them here.


These are some resources we found useful when opening our relationship and exploring sexuality. Check them out for lots of good information!


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Life on the Swingset

Social Sites:


Enter "TheAtomsOfLove" in the "Referred by" section for a FREE 90-day membership! 

Groups in Sydney:

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BiCONIC Sydney

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Turing Circle (LGBT+ Scientists & Engineers) 

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Bi+ Visibility 

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