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Games We Play

We all get to that point in long term relationships where the sex can get a bit monotonous. No matter how much we enjoy sex with our partner, we might still long for something more… exotic. Donning an elaborate costume, going away on a lavish holiday, or installing a St. Andrews cross may be a bit outside of your comfort zone or credit limit. Below are a few suggestions on adding a little spice to your playtime that have worked for us and aren’t too difficult to pull off.

1) The Dice Game: This one is super easy. We all have a six-sided die lying about in our junk drawer. Get the die, a piece of paper, and a pen. Label the paper 1 to 6 and next to each number put a room of your house. Predetermine an amount of time to spend in the room—5 minutes is a good starting point. Roll the die and that’s when the fun starts! Match the number on the die with the room on the paper. Go to that room, set a timer (every cell phone has one), and begin with small teasing play. Maybe sexily remove an item or items of clothing. With each successive roll move to the random room and escalate your play. Perhaps kissing only, sensual caressing and touching, play with toys, oral, etc. For the grand finale, save sex for the last room. Don’t have an empty house to play in? Make two lists: write parts of the body in the first and actions in the second. Roll the die twice. Kiss & Neck. Massage & Breasts. Suck &… I’m sure you get the picture.

2) Strangers in the Night: Both of you should get dressed to impress and think of a pseudonym for yourself, but don’t tell one another. Then arrange a time to meet separately at a local pub. The game is afoot and in order to win you must try to pick up your partner. Do you have what it takes to woo and convince them to come home with you? You can arrange beforehand to either play hard to get or not. Spend a few hours “getting to know” this new person. If you hit it off perhaps you could go for a quick rendezvous in the restroom...

3) James Bondage: Stockings and neck ties are a great way to get into a bit of light bondage. Agree beforehand on a safe word that means “release me immediately”. Wrap the stockings around your partners’ wrists (careful not to go too tightly) and then cover their eyes with a neck tie. Whisper sweet nothings into their ear. Take your time to explore, tease, and titillate their body.

4) Rip Me Strip Me: Want to Hulk out? Nothing adds to bedroom passion like ripping your partner’s clothing off. Grab some old clothes that you were going to toss out anyway and cut tiny snips in the necks of t-shirts or through the elastic of underclothes. When the passion between you starts to heat up grab the clothing and give it a sharp tug. There is little that is more exhilarating than literally tearing into your partner. Enjoy the sound as you slowly tear the fabric apart or let lust carry you away and rip it off fast. Bonus points for tearing underwear away with your teeth!

5) Hide and Sweet: Hide a dab of honey somewhere on your body. The challenge for your partner is simple—find the honey. This one is a definite win for both players.

6) Dirty Massage: An easy role play is for one partner to act as a masseuse/masseur for the other. One partner strips down nude and lays on the bed with a towel covering themselves. Their partner then comes in fully clothed and proceeds to give them a full body massage. Don’t forget the happy ending!

7) Teacher’s Pet: Read an erotic story aloud to your partner. Then ask questions about it. For each one your partner answers correctly, you remove an item of clothing. For each one your partner answers incorrectly, they remove an item of clothing.

8) Stockholm Syndrome: Going away for work? Take one of your partner’s favourite items of clothing and “hold it for ransom”. Don’t forget the “proof of life” photos!

9) High School Formal: Get dressed up and gentlemen pick up your date. Take her to a nice dinner. Then take her dancing. Then take her in the backseat of the car.

10) Guess the Toy: Blindfold your partner as they lie in bed or on the sofa. Then tease them or caress their body with 3 randomly chosen objects. The objects can be a sexy stocking, a pearl necklace, or a delicious food item. Let your imagination run wild! For each object they guess correctly, they receive 1 minute of oral sex. For each object they guess incorrectly, you receive 1 minute of oral sex. Then switch places and see if you can outdo your partner!


More than two players?

1) Blind Man’s Bluff: Blindfold one player. That player must determine who their primary partner is by rubbing their face in the chests of each member of the opposite sex. Try not to lick and enjoy too much!

2) Wild Cards: Place a deck of cards in the middle of the table. Assign each suit an action, as innocent or dirty as preferred. For example, Hearts can represent kissing, Diamonds are massaging, Clubs are manual stimulation, and Spades are oral. Each person takes turn drawing a card. Perform the action on another group member. As a group determine how the receiver is chosen—random or always the person to the left/right/etc. The number on the card is how long you have to perform the action. For example, if you draw a 4 of Diamonds, you must massage another player for 4 seconds. See if you can make it through the entire deck and add the Jokers as a wild card!

3) Suck/Blow: All players stand or sit in a circle. One person puts a playing card flat against their lips and inhales through the mouth to hold onto the card without holding it with their hands. They must then pass the card to the next person’s lips without either using their hands or dropping it. To do this, one must suck the card and one must blow on it. An apple or another similar object may also be used. If the card/object is dropped, both players must take a drink. How good is your oral coordination?

~By the Bi podcast


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