Ladies Night

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My wife, Hannah, and I had been waiting for this night for weeks.  The local swingers club was doing a special “Ladies’ Night” where all the women could get in for free and the entire club would be theirs for the first couple of hours in the evening.  Hannah is openly bisexual, but hadn’t had an opportunity for girl play in almost a year.  To say the least, she was excited.

We sat at the bar next to the club sipping a couple of Bourbon Old-Fashioneds and anxiously waiting for it to open.  I glanced at my wife, and saw that she was staring intently at me and smiling wickedly.  “What?” I asked with a crooked smile.

She leaned in close to me and conspiratorially whispered, “I’m so wet right now I’m soaking through my panties.”

I looked down at my drink and blushed, though I could feel the blood rushing to more than just my cheeks.  Hannah rested her hand on my thigh, extended her fingers, and lightly stroked me through my trousers.  With a sparkle in her eye she giggled.

After finishing our drinks, we settled our tab and left to go to the entrance of the club.  A sign posted on the front doorway read, “Ladies’ Night:  Entry at the rear.”  We both had a laugh at this.  Around at the back of the club, under a single wire covered light, was a red door that looked oddly inviting.  Hannah opened the door and we could hear nervous tittering and the unmistakable sounds of a woman in the middle of an orgasm.  Her eyes shining, my wife looked back at me, gave me a quick kiss and said, “See you in a couple of hours!”  The door closed behind her and I was left alone in the quiet alley under the single wire covered light.


The men were all meant to go to a nearby bar whilst their partners played without them.  So for the next two hours, we all attempted to make casual conversation as we tried to not imagine what our wives and girlfriends were doing.  Needless to say, many of us had to adjust our pants during those couple of hours.


When our time was up, twenty men lined up outside the red door at the club and made our way inside.  As we changed out of our street clothes and dressed down, some fully nude and others wearing their underwear, we could hear the sounds of the women already having all sorts of fun in throughout the club.  I decided to leave on my mesh boxer briefs and went wandering to find Hannah.

Weaving my way through the people I finally found Hannah on a loveseat sofa.  She was between two naked women:  a short well-proportioned blonde with a pixie style haircut and a taller lady with long black hair in loose curls.  Each of the women had one of my wife’s breasts in their mouth and as the taller woman probed Hannah with two of her fingers, the shorter lady was massaging Hannah’s clit.  As I walked up to them Hannah began breathing heavily and moaning with what was obviously about to be an intense orgasm.  Her body visibly tensed and then went completely relaxed.  After a moment she opened her eyes and saw me standing before her.  “Hi honey!  I made some new friends.”

After a brief introduction to the other ladies, who were here without their partners, my wife suggested the four of us go upstairs to find a more private space.  All of us, hand in hand, snaked our way through the packed first floor and up the stairs where the crowd thinned substantially.

We found a small room with a bed and a couple of chairs, went in and closed the door.  Hannah instructed me to sit and enjoy the show.  As I watched, the three ladies then proceeded to kneel on the bed in a triangle and make out with one another.  One would nuzzle the nape of a neck while the other two were passionately exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.  Fingers would run through hair.  A hand would cup an ass or slide sensually down the smooth skin on the back.  As they laid down on the bed it became difficult to see whose hands were where.  Hannah spread the blonde’s legs and started placing small kisses on her inner thighs and slowly working her way to a beautifully bare muff.  As she used her tongue to spread full lips of the blonde’s pussy, the brunette sat a straddle over the blonde’s face and started grinding herself into the hungry mouth beneath her.

The mesh in my briefs strained against my growing erection and I slid the underwear to the floor and started stroking my cock.  I could see Hannah’s glistening pussy lips as she bent over and happily worked the clit in front of her.  It was more than I could take; I got up behind her and thrust myself deep inside of her with one swift movement.  She moaned into the woman in front of her, and as I fucked my wife I could see the other two women start to breathe heavier. Hannah’s tongue increased its fervor on the blonde and in turn the brunette was clearly enjoying the extra enthusiasm that was being used on her.  After a few moments none of us could hold back.  With a series of moans, cries, and grunts we all came nearly at once and collapsed onto the bed into a heap panting.

After a few moments one of the ladies said, “The club is open for three more hours.  How much more do you all have in you?”

“You can always stay with us.” Hannah replied dreamily and we all laughed.

Fifteen minutes later we were all piling into a cab to go back to our place.  I sat in the front seat and the ladies in the back.  I never looked back to see what was going on but I did notice that the cabbie kept having to adjust his mirror and his pants.

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